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At-Home Learning: Parent Induction

At-home learning poses new cyber safety challenges for families. Our team of experts have developed a series of modules for parents to learn the essential tips in creating a cyber safe environment for at-home learning.

Module 1

In this module, we discuss the steps parents should take to set up their children's devices to optimise safety at home. 

We suggest you take a look at the resources below, and implement them in order (they will open in new windows so you won't lose your place!).

*Note: Before setting up devices, be sure to check with your school to see if they have applied any filtering or device management tools on the device that will still be enabled within the home environment
(eg. will be in operation even outside of the school's physical location).

Module 2

This module will discuss strategies to help you set up your childs at home classroom, maintain focus and create structure in your day.

The resource material for this module is contained in the 'Parent Advice' section of this website. Here you’ll find additional information on a diverse range of cyber safety topics. 

Module 3

This module will discuss strategies to help support your child's wellbeing, including tips on adopting positive screen time habits & prioristing social interactions. 

The resources for this module include a number of great services available to support kids when needed.

Resources for Module 3

Module 4

This module will cover information on how to manage cyber safety issues if they come up at home, such as reporting cyberbullying.

The resources for this module include direct links to reporting pages for a number of popular social media and gaming platforms. Parents can use these links if they are needing to manage cyberbullying (or other eSafety issues) on behalf of their kids.

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