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Setting up an
Android Device

Here's a handy list of instructions on how to setup
Android Devices.


(~25 Minute Setup Time Per Device)

1.  START HERE: Setup your Child's Android Device with Parental Supervision

WHY?  Google allows parents to view kid's online activity and filter content when parental supervision is set up. Family Link is a comprehensive way to set up all devices, but requires more steps. If you'd like to set up Family Link, click here
  • On your child’s device, open Settings (gear icon).
  • Click Google and then Parental controls.
  • Click Get started.
  • Select Child or teen and click Next
  • Select your child’s account or create a new one for them.
  • Click Next and then Sign in with your (parent) account.
  • Follow the steps to  set up supervision on a child's account. Your child will need to give their consent during the setup process.

2.  Filter Searches & Block Adult Websites

WHY? SafeSearch helps filter explicit search results like pornography on Google Search. SafeSearch isn't 100% accurate but it helps children avoid most sexually explicit content while they use Google Search. By default, SafeSearch is turned on for your child’s account when you set up supervision with Family Link. 
  • Open the Family Link app or go to and select your child's name.
  • Go to Manage Settings and then Filters on Google Search.
  • Toggle SafeSearch on.
  • Go back to Manage Settings and select Filters on Google Chrome.
  • Selected 'Try to block mature sites' (No filter is perfect, but this should help hide sexually explicit and violent sites.)  

    *Tip: You can also manage your child's account by clicking on your child's name at

3.  Monitor Activity on Child's Device (Optional)

WHY: Parents will want to limit the type of content that is available on their child's devices, including limiting access to adult websites and disabling Siri from allowing Web Search Content. Some parents may want to turn off other features, like Geolocation. As you go through the options, we encourage you to decide what functions are best to turn off for your children.
  • Open the Family Link app.
  • Select your child
  • On the "Settings" card, tap Manage settings > More > Manage Google Activity and then Manage Activity controls. Select all of the activities that you would like saved.
  • When you want to see the activity, look at your child's device and visit the My Activity page. There, you will see a daily list of the content that has been accessed by your child.